Gamedev & Newborns 1: Late night PR disasters

There is a very common type of indiedev out there: the broke father with a newborn

If you’re following the indie dev community you’ll encounter this typical species very often.
A person managing gamedev on its own and being around his kid and partner 24/7.

I always thought This sounds great. I want to be in that situation one day.
And here I am! I just got a newborn.

I must say: It is as great as expected. Juggling all the things you need and want to do is a tough challenge but also a great life experience. Being able to help the family all day long is very soothing and a lot of fun.
You fit well into a babies daily routine as a dev since your daily schedule is messed up anyway.
So you keep up on doing the dev things you do and you’re happy! Great, right?

The other side of the story is:
You should not finish things up in a short time frame; like “baby and partner are sleeping and I’ll do it now” time frame. Especially not PR review mails.

I should have known better. Sleeping less. Sleeping in short time periods. Being on some crazy endorphines where everything is great… I should not have done any PR right now.

I read my mails dozens of times. They were alright.
Not great but at least no grammar mistakes!

So here I am…
I made a mess – both in english and german.

No sleep.
No grammar.
Stay away from that lat night PR kids dads!