I am Irmas “Mimi” Ibrić – a 34 year old from Stuttgart, Germany.
A simple person with too many interests for a too short life.

Starting in the 80s with an Amiga500, the Bitmap Brothers and Indy500 over the millenium with RocketArena3 and until today with the likes of iRacing I have been infected by an affinity for one particular game design necessity: player skill.

I graduated in Business Information Science (Diplom) in 2006. After working for over seven years as a business consultant/ project manager in the automotive industry, the time to fulfill a longtime dream came in 2015.

All time and energy went into learning new tools like 3ds Max, Blender, Unreal Engine 4, GarageBand, LMMS and many more. As I am having great interest in many disciplines, it was obvious to start developing games as a one man show!

Being an 80s kid one principle was set right at the beginning: My games require skill!

Here we are today. First game finished and about to start developing a second one.
Thanks for tuning in…